Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Lord of All

Krishna is the All Wonderful Lord                                               
Who Gives Intelligence to The Seekers
Who Grants Wishes to the Desirers
and the one who grants Eternal Bliss to
the Devotee

The Lord is Worshiped by Different names
by Different people in as many Religions
Though the name might Differ the Lord is same
His Chief name is Krishna, the All Attractive

Krishna even Bestows Intelligence to the Atheist
Remembrance and Forgetfulness is Caused by the Lord
Krishna is All Merciful , Our Most
& Best Eternal Wellwisher
We have Forgotten Krishna , We have to Re establish
our Relationship with Krishna to Get Relief from the
suffering of this material World.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cry for the Lord

I used to Cry when in Despair

I cry when i Suffer

Then i would Cry for the Lord
calling him when im in Pain

I've Heard that a Father would
Respond to a Childs Cry                                  
Those days I had none to Turn to But    
to Cry and call for Krishna

Alas ,the times have Changed

Now My Heart has Changed to Stone

Altough Suffering I Cry no more
and i cannot call for the Lord

How can Cry and call back to my Lord
although its not entirely out of Devotion

My lord how insensitive i have become
towards your sons due to false ego in me

I dont know what stops me from
Heartfully Crying for you Since
This World is Full of Suffering
and is Temporary.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Glory of the Holy Name

My dear Lord I Seek refuge in your Holy

You have left all your Powers & Pastimes  
in  your Name

Hence it is Very easily accessible to all,
Therefore the Name is greater than you

It Burns all my Piety & Sin and Paves way
for my Salvation

The Touchstone of your name in itself is
Enough to be Engrossed in your Meditation

This Jewel of the Holy Name Shines in this
Corrupt age of kali

My Dear Lord let me pass my time taking
your Name for Eternity feeling the Bliss
in it

When you Yourself are incomparable my
Lord , What to say of your name which
becomes easily available Yet men refuse
to take Advantage of it.

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Mother & Father of the Lord

The lord has no Birth He Exists Etaernally

Yet when he comes down to Earth as an      
Avatar he takes birth from a Mother &

Oh I'm Sturk with Wonder the Original
cause of material energy is appearing to
be taking birth from Material Energy

In the Millenium of Swayambhuva Manu,
Krishna's Father Vasudeva was Sutapa , a
prajapati and his wife was prisni

They Performed Severe aurterities for
12,000 years with thier minds always
absorbed in Krishna

And when the Lord Appeared Before
 them instead of asking them for
 Liberation they asked to have the
Lord born as their Son

For the Devotees liberation is not so
Important as the Transcendental
Loving service of the Lord

Thus the Very Blessed Sutapa was given
the Benediction that the Lord would
take Birth as thier son three times

The first time the Lord took Birth as
 Prishigarbha, the second time as a
 Dwarf named Upendraand for the
third time he himself came as krishna,
the Absolute Personality of Godhead

Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Lord of the Gopis

Krishna is the Lord in Blue Color,
Representing the Dark Rainfilled

He Belongs to the Chandravanshis
bornin the family of yadus

Balaram is his Elder Brother & Subadhra        
devi his Sister who got married to his
 Friend Arjuna

The River Yamuna which flows near
Vrindavan where many of krishna's
Pastimes have happened is Considered
more Holy than the Sacred Ganges

The Gopis are so very blessed to be
the Embodiment of love of Krishna
that which is not attained by Saints
who meditate for Thousands of Years

Mother Lakshmi devi Yearns to be part
 of Goloka Vrindavan as a Gopi and be
 a Part of krishnas pastimes

Maa Parvati & even Loed Shiva wants
toTaste the Nectar of Bliss of being a
 gopi so they become one and take
part in Rasa leela

So Magnanimous is the Heart of krishna
that he Gives Everybody a chance to take
Part in his Wonderful Pastimes

Thursday, 5 November 2015

I'm Trapped in Maya

Hey Krishna I have Had enough of this Maya,  
I'm tired of it

I want to Surrender onto you, but I dont
know How to do that

I am getting Restless getting kicked by

Oh please make me your Servant Krishna,
Pick me up and place me at your lotus feet

I have had enough of this World, I cant Take

Show me the path to Self realization and
make me your devotee

To be your Devotee is my Ultimate Purpose

And if you can , make my Journey Home
i.e Goloka Vrindavan , a nice blissful
Journey one worth Experiencing.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Prince of Dwaraka

He is the Prince of Dwaraka

The Husband of 16,000 wifes who are      
Queens each having thier own Palace

They are headed by Queen Rukmini ,who
is also known to be Maha Lakshmi

All the Palaces are Perfect & Wonderful
made of Gold & decorated with Jewels

Krishna multiplies himself through his
Omnipotency & simultaneously stays
with all of his Queens

Krishna's  Omnipotencyis like a candle
lightning another Candle & another yet
the Original staying the same as before

Krishna is always full of the Five
opulences namely Wealth ,Power ,Fame,
Knowledge & Renunciation

This makes him the Supreme Personality
of Godhead Unchallenged , no one is
Greater than him & no one is Equal to him